Urban Frontier LLC
Old Houses.  Old Souls.  New Life.

Beloved historic rental properties.
Recipient of 2015 Preserve Arkansas Award for Neighborhood Preservation

Urban Frontier LLC makes catalytic investments rebuilding historic register homes near Central High that have seen better days. They then become exceptional, fairly-priced rentals for a few lucky tenants.  Our goal is to earn a sustainable return, by fostering the revival of a beautiful, cohesive, socially and racially integrated neighborhood. Over 35 people now live well in our once sad and empty places.  More fine old rebuilt homes are in the pipeline.

We buy houses built between ca. 1900 and 1940, and renovate them from bottom to top. All are within easy walking distance of Central High School. All but one are on the National Register of Historic Places as contributing structures to the Historic District.  Most houses were unsafe and vacant when we bought them, and most were redone in strict compliance with National Park Service guidelines for historic rehabilitations.  No legal residents ever had to move for our renovations.  By the time we are done, the homes have all new everything inside: plumbing, wiring, insulation, HVAC, walls, all modern systems.  We fix all structural problems, and make them comply with current codes.  We pamper them back to a condition which would do their original builders proud.  We keep historic windows, doors and floors and all salvageable historic details of note, and restore exteriors to their original look, using period paint colors.  We are not out to make a quick buck.  We invest for the long term in our community, and rebuild to last.  We are convinced that quality, long term investment can bring catalytic change.  We live here, plant gardens and trees, and create a sense of special, safe place. See the Before and After Pictures for an idea of the transformations. 

We typically spend many times the purchase price to get these homes right, and have invested around $2,000,000 in the neighborhood in the past thirteen years.  When we are done, our homes are not your normal, standard rentals.  Each is unique.  All are charming.  The care shows in every detail. If you want to live in a boring box in a boring area, don't consider these homes.  If you want remarkable, affordable and delightful urban living, please call. There are very few homes like these available. They tend to rent fast, and stay rented. You will see why.

The homes at the T.H. Miller House, 2423 W. 13th St and 2310 W. Daisy Bates were funded in part with money from the City of Little Rock and can only be rented to people who meet income and other eligibility requirements.  See Terms - HOME Funded Units for details.  All other properties are conventionally financed and not subject to income restrictions.  Thanks for your interest and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Paul Dodds, Managing Director, Urban Frontier LLC
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