Urban Frontier LLC


Urban Frontier LLC was formed by Paul Dodds to buy and do quality renovations of distressed, National Register of Historic Landmark properties in the Little Rock Central High National Historic District.  Paul first started buying and redoing old homes over thirty years ago, beginning with an 1860 four story brick house on "Quality Row" in Cambridge, Mass.  Before getting to Little Rock, Paul also renovated properties in Kiev, Ukraine and Berlin, Germany where he lived and worked.  Paul is a Harvard Law trained corporate lawyer and policy advisor.  He has worked in Europe. Asia and Africa on technical assistance projects for development agencies including USAID, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the British, German and Dutch governments.  He continues to work part time overseas to feed his "bad house" habit.   

Paul moved to Little Rock in 2003 to work on the Wesley Clark campaign, becoming very actively engaged in community life, including serving as the President of the Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas and as an adjunct professor at the local law school teaching a seminar on "Ruins and Weed Lots". These homes are a passion and, with luck and persistence, will provide a reasonable pension.  They have been redone and are being maintained with a long term perspective. 

Urban Frontier relies with gratitude on a great crew of tried-and-true crafts and trades people, including the ever reliable Flores Remodeling LLC for maintenance and carpentry, All Weather Heat and Air and Arkansas Sheet Metal for HVAC, Beeson's Plumbing and Ferryl Barnes for plumbing, Beyond Sound and Security for alarms, Your Yard Guy John Siccardi to keep shrubs from eating the yards, a village of others as needed, and the irreplaceable Susann to keep track of it all.  We cannot praise Little Rock's community banks highly enough, including Simmons Bank, the Bank of the Ozarks and the truly great Bank of Little Rock.  Their engaged support is a model for banking as it should be. 

See http://www.linkedin.com/in/paulddodds for more information. 

Thanks for the interest and we hope to hear from you soon.
Detail of Quality Row, Third Street, East Cambridge - National Register of Historic Places
Fish scale slate mansard roof, totally redone in 1986 with copper nails and copper flashing. Still looking great decades later.  Done right.  Built to last.